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How well do you know your self?

Selfistry is an integrative system where your spirituality/faith, your psychology/emotional intelligence, your physical well-being, and your belonging in community begin to organize themselves in a way that turns your life into a work of art—with you as the artist. There’s no dogma in Selfistry, no right or wrong way to be or do it. There’s simply an invitation for you to discover for yourself who you are and why you’re here. 


Selfistry offers a simple and elegant map of the human experience. At this point in human history when religious institutions, theologies, cosmologies, and prescriptions for living a meaningful life are crumbling, a burgeoning community of seekers are searching for a more sane, accessible, and intelligent way to navigate their lives and deaths. Selfistry’s sensible spirituality is uniquely designed for a postmodern generation facing the unprecedented complexities and global challenges of the new millennium.


Selfistry draws from meditation, silence, yoga, prayer, and fasting—all of which I spent ten years practicing in seclusion—along with modern transformational techniques such as conscious movement, vision quests, and psychological techniques of consciousness development. Selfistry is also informed by a deep study and contemplation of other teachings from diverse lineages and disciplines.


The Selfistry map encompasses three primary domains; the territory of Source, the realm of our human experience—personal and collective, and the arena of consciousness or self-awareness. Every aspect of human life can be found in one of these domains. By identifying the appropriate location where a given human element resides, Selfistry practitioners discover how to organize their life experience in a way that makes sense. This discovery brings a fresh perspective and strengthens our ability to engage life purposefully, enhance our unique human experience, and connect more deeply with Source and with others.


Selfistry was born out of years in isolation exploring the realms of my own psyche, soul, heart, mind, and body. I selfishly took the time and attention to uncover, discover, and recover who I am and why I am here. After ten years I found the inspiration, wisdom, insight, and compassion to engage with the world again. When I returned to society I bought Selfistry with me to share.


The map of Selfistry stands alone as a tool for spiritual understanding and self development. However, the addition of the Selfistry somatic practice supports the learning and embodiment of the map by rooting the three realms into your nervous system, bypassing your cognitive mind, and allowing for a more integrated embodiment of yourself. Employing movement and stillness, silence and sound, autonomy and connection, the Selfistry practices provide a unique  opportunity for self discovery in a creative, playful, and powerful way. 


Practice sessions vary in length and can be done anywhere and anytime, alone or with others, but the ideal practice happens in a large, open space with a state-of-the-art sound system, soft cushions, and soulful people of all ages and colors. Practitioners come for their own development, to align inside themselves and engage the practice very personally. Each individual is guided to reconnect with Source, their personal story, and their ability to be objectively aware of themselves. However, the practice also builds a strong sense of community. Through supporting one another in the same personal adventure and then sharing the discoveries made on our journey we build trust and genuine connection.


Selfistry is the art of being human.

No experience necessary. 

I welcome you as you are.

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