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Writing by Sarah Marshank and news from the Selfistry Community

​Navigating in These Troubled Times

There’s a quote from the novelist, playwright, and poet Samuel Beckett that reads “I can’t go on I’ll go on” with no punctuation. Mostly it’s reproduced with a comma after the first “on” or a period at the end. But it was originally written with no punctuation.

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Meet Sierra!

Though new to the practice of Selfistry Sierra has already integrated the work to her own life. There are times when she'll say or suggest something about Selfistry that I’d never thought of before, such as how to combine the realms or how to experience them in the body. It’s obvious that she's in the learning discovery process, and it's really quite beautiful and inspiring.

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​Pondering My Mom’s Dementia

The self I know most fundamentally as me is what I call the “me with no story”. I have no idea whether this core self would remain in act if/when my memory and brain function decline. Is my essential self dependent upon brain activity to exist? Or, is it a construct of awareness of a whole different order—a construct that, in the end, could be the one holding the malleable persona together?

Me, my husband, and my Mom at her 75th birthday five years ago.

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Courage = Love

Maybe it was self love where I found my courage. More to the point, maybe it was love itself that was the courage.

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