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Writing by Sarah Marshank and news from the Selfistry Community

Meet Sierra!

I’m excited to introduce you to my new assistant Sierra-maria Magdalena. Sierra joined us last April and is a great fit to our team. She brings a whole lot of enthusiasm and sweetness into the Selfistry family. We’ve bonded over many shared interests, including our love of truth and chocolate. Sierra is a student of life, and how she shows up for life is how she shows up for Selfistry: with curiosity and willingness to consider, explore, and experiment.

Sierra has a full life outside of Selfistry, with many interests and community engagements. She’s an acupuncturist and herbalist at the Berkeley Acupuncture Project, a community clinic providing affordable acupuncture to the Bay Area. She is passionate about her work at the clinic and holds the point of view that “we all do better when we ALL do better.”

Sierra is a proud mother of an adult son thriving in Los Angeles. For good self care nearly every Sunday she spends the morning horseback riding, practicing horsemanship, and tending to the animals. For Sierra, being with horses is meditative and an important part of her personal well being.

It’s been fun to notice the parallels in our lives; our love of nature and music (she’s learning the accordion, I’m learning the cello), and our shared Polish ancestry. Sierra’s mother and grandparents immigrated to the U.S. after they were displaced by WWII. My ancestry on both sides of my family originate in the same land. As you know, I have a thriving Polish audience and teach there every year. I’m so excited to bring to Sierra with me. We’re even learning Polish together!

Though new to the practice of Selfistry, Sierra has already integrated the work into her own life There are times when she'll say or suggest something about Selfistry that I’d never thought of before, such as how to combine the realms or how to experience them in the body. It’s obvious that she's in the learning discovery process, and it's really quite beautiful and inspiring.

I’m looking forward to growing personally and professionally with Sierra by my side and hope you get the opportunity to meet her in person. She’s a gem.

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