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These courses are designed for you to learn the philosophy and understand the practice of Selfistry with founder Sarah Marshank. Because the Selfistry method is somatic and community based, these courses serve as a preface to your further engagement with the work in a workshop or retreat. In addition, the Selfistry map, as outlined in the introductory course, will serve as your orientation to personal one-on-one mentoring with Sarah. 

Intro to Selfistry

This course presents an overview of Selfistry’s cognitive map and embodiment practice. You will learn about Selfistry’s three realms as you discover how to personally inhabit them.

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Additional live course dates may be forthcoming.

Selfistry Applied

This course is an opportunity to go deeper into the Selfistry way of life. During this 12 week course you will investigate the three realms within Selfistry’s philosophy and how they apply to your personal life situation. You will explore practices that suit your temperament, and discover concrete tools for reorienting your life into greater alignment with your core values and dreams. You will benefit from personal one-on-one support and focused guidance from the Selfistry founder Sarah Marshank. You’ll explore and discover yourself within a small intimate community of seven practitioners and forge a lifestyle conducive to sustainable transformation. Using a video meeting platform you will meet with your cohort every other week for three months.


Upcoming Course Dates

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