Feeling stuck when it comes to finding your authenticity, uncovering your worth, and living into your highest calling? Selfistry is the guidance you’ve been looking for.

Maybe you’ve tried it all before: from yoga and juice cleanses, to meditation and philanthropy. Maybe you’re just starting your spiritual journey after realizing that climbing the corporate ladder or raising a family didn’t give you the fulfillment you now crave.

Wherever you’re at, Selfistry is here to support your next steps towards authentic, grounded, creative, integrative living.

Here at Selfistry, we take a unique approach to self-discovery, personal development, and spiritual exploration. Deep spirituality—without the dogma. Self-help practices—without the false promise of ten easy steps. Transformational meditation—without the rigid rules.

Through Selfistry retreats, events, corporate trainings, 1-on-1 mentoring, and courses, you’ll explore your self and your connection to life through intentional stillness, guided mindfulness practices, and conscious movement.

Here’s the promise: Selfistry provides a framework for understanding your present state of being and a toolkit for your journey to wholeness—so that you can step into expressing your self authentically and living the kickass life you deserve.


There’s no secret shortcut to enlightenment. No quick fix. No ten easy steps. If you’re seeking expansion and evolution in any area of your life, you have to start with the inner work first.

But through Selfistry, we can help you avoid some of the detours and pitfalls along the way. The Selfistry Way is built on timeless practices, the collective knowledge of many spiritual lineages, and the expert guidance of teachers who have walked this road before you.

At its deepest level, this system is rooted in ancient wisdom. Sarah spent ten years in deep spiritual retreat as a student, learning from generations of spiritual teachers and practicing their prescribed methods. Now, she brings her experiences as a mystic/monastic—and her years of experience as a trained educator/teacher—to Selfistry students who are ready to learn, grow, and expand.

The Selfistry Way is built on ancient practices, the collective history of many spiritual traditions, and the expert guidance of teachers who have walked this road before you.

So, what does all of this look like, exactly?

The Selfistry Way begins with an understanding that there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not broken or needing to be fixed. By understanding the context of this time in history and the religious, psychological, and cultural influences thrust upon you, you will take a deep exhale and relax. From here, Selfistry will guide you using meditation, mindfulness, and creative movement practices to help you unlock your true potential. We teach useful tools and techniques that are adapted to your particular life story and makeup in order to help you to step onto your unique path of transformation.

In our courses, workshops, and retreats, you’ll explore the three essential realms of the Selfistry framework so that you can confidently step into your true potential.


This is our essence, where we remember our true nature and mysterious connection to the unknown.

It’s our spiritual world view, it’s our relationship with the divine, it’s our innate spiritual consciousness. Source is the realm where we unpack, explore, and reclaim our philosophical and spiritual notions of Truth. No dogma or judgment here, just the freedom to listen for your unique connection to - and expression of - this vast, incomprehensible universe.


This is the expression of our unique personality, authentic character, and individual human nature.

Self is the fullness of our beings—including the hidden, the repressed, the shy, and the yet uncovered. No part of us is left out here! When we explore this realm, we begin by allowing and accepting ourselves fully. Then we begin to heal and transform what does not serve our authenticity while growing and expanding what does.


This is where we develop our capacity to observe our own self - to step back, find distance, and get perspective.

Too often, the idea of an internal Witness is left out of spiritual and personal development practices. The realm of the Witness is where we develop our capacity to observe ourselves objectively with simple pure loving awareness. You might think that you’re naturally aware of what you do and who you are. However, there’s a depth and nuance in this realm that will become the secret sauce to your success. An engaged Witness is fully present, detached, compassionate, and curious. In this realm, you learn to practice mindfulness. This skill will help you pause when triggered, listen when confused, and choose wise action when presented with a challenge.

Enroll in one of Selfistry’s courses, where you can explore the three realms, uncover your true self, and incorporate mindful practices and meaningful rituals into your life—at your own pace, on your own time.

Still not sure if Selfistry is right for you?

Selfistry has helped  stay-at-home moms, army veterans, adventurous millennials, eco-conscious baby boomers, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and wellness enthusiasts own their power and confidently generate personal transformation on their own terms.

More than anything, we believe that spiritual fulfillment, deep satisfaction, and passionate living are for everyone. 

No matter your age, your religion, your family background, or your culture, you deserve a life that you love. Spiritual wholeness isn’t just for yoga teachers and Buddhist monks!

So, if you have the perfect partner and the corner office, but you’re still feeling empty inside, Selfistry is for you. If you’re entering a new season of life (marriage! career! empty nester-dom!) and feel overwhelmed or uncertain, Selfistry is for you. If you’ve been to therapy, read every self-help book, and tried every spiritual practice and still don’t feel any closer to finding answers, Selfistry is for you.

Whatever your background, Selfistry is here to give you lifestyle practices, gentle guidance, and practical tools to help you live your one beautiful and precious life to the fullest.

Ready to take the first step?

Download the first three chapters of Sarah Marshank’s book, Being Selfish, and get a glimpse of her decades-long journey to finding wellness, wholeness, and vibrant joy.

Explore the Selfistry map and find out the tools you’ll need to begin your own process of exploration and discovery.

Learn more about upcoming events, workshops, and retreats, where you can experience the Selfistry method firsthand and create your own breakthrough.

Ask Sarah to join you at your next corporate event, and bring new energy, unity, and purpose to your team through the holistic system of Selfistry.

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