Feel free to Accessorize

A young gentleman recently commented on a FB Selfistry post of mine, wondering why I felt the need to start a new religion. “Aren’t there enough already?” he chided. Rather than defend myself, I invited him to check out the next Selfistry workshop in his area and find out for himself. But his question got me thinking. Could Selfistry become a religion?

The Oxford dictionary gives this origin for the world “religion”: Religio”, from Latin = obligation, bond… “perhaps from the Latin religare = to bind.”

Since Selfistry supports individuals to bind themselves to their own self, their own knowing, their own essential nature, then it’s possible it might be classified as a religion. However, the religions in existence today are not the kind of religion I would ever want Selfistry to be associated with. Most of them bind people to an ideology separate from their inner knowing, using others as intermediaries between them and their God.

The world seems mad.

Maybe humans have always been this way. But these times appear to be manifesting a unique quality of insanity. It’s as if we’ve forgotten our divine nature. We’ve gotten lost in the seduction of more and better. We’ve been misguided by power hungry pundits masquerading as enlightened beings.

Here is my response to the gentleman’s FB comment:

If Selfistry is a religion, it’s a religion of self knowledge, self awareness, self responsibly, and sovereignty. Selfistry is not claiming anything new. It’s merely reorienting the basic tenets, those principles which every religion seems to agree upon, and reorganizing the fundamentals into a more user-friendly version for the modern, intelligent and sophisticated human who’s comfortably outgrown mythical and oppressive forms of religion.

Here’s the deal.

I’m not claiming to be some sort of enlightened master whose feet you need to touch. I’m not claiming Selifstry came to me through an ecstatic state on a mountain whereupon tablets were handed to me from an invisible God. On the contrary, Selfistry strips away the guru model and places the compass of truth within each individual’s very own self. It came to me from my own personal experience while living a troubled human life and wondering about essential reality.

I realize that putting the personal “self” at the center (of anything) is potentially risky. These days, our world appears to be overridden with narcissistic sociopaths killing people in the name of their God. But when the self is properly understood and put in perspective, an authentic and kind life is liberated. It’s really that simple.

It’s time to reorient—to reset our compass as a species and as individuals.

Selfistry can help with this. It takes what’s been established in philosophical and religious cannons for millennia, incorporates modern science into the mix, and filters the essential elements into a simple system with a framework, map, and tools to get you aligning with your self.

Selfistry strips religion down to its original wardrobe.

But, what if you love your religious rituals and traditions?

No problem.

Feel free to accessorize.

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