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Is Selfistry for You?

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Selfistry is not for you if you want a quick fix. It’s not for you if you believe that you are one with God and therefore can do anything by simply changing your thoughts. If you believe this you are poisoned by elements in the New Age philosophy and need some detoxing first.

Selfistry is not for you if you’re looking for somebody to fix you or do it for you, like a priest or a guru. If you do, you’re probably still holding to a dying paradigm, and though there may be some fantastic gurus still around, I am not one of them.

Born out of my personal exploration, experimentation, realization and embodiment of what I know to be real, Selfistry is sensible spirituality. It provides a reliable map of the human experience, tools for navigating skillfully through the terrain of life, and support along the way.

Selfistry is the guidance I wish I had when I was twenty-two, and is for people who do not experience a sense of belonging or meaning in traditional religious or spiritual structures, but have a deep sense of awe and curiosity about the magnificence of life and their unique human potential.

Over the last fifty years the global landscape has been transformed at a startling pace. Cultural values, religious paradigms, and points of view have crossed borders, cross pollinated, and cross bred. We live in a dynamic, fast paced, mega stimulating world.

How does a thoughtful, passionate and sincere person navigate making choices in life? How does one discern what is right for them: the right job, the right partner, the right place to live, the right food to eat, even the right gender to identify as?

For thousands of years most humans believed “God” was “up there”, separate, and in charge. Over time, another perspective emerged saying there is only “God” and therefore we are either God or an illusion. Modern culture has been thrust between these two polar world-views which translate simply as: Either I need to follow some authority outside of myself, (whether it’s God or my parents or my peers), or I need to diminish myself and disappear.

Selfistry proposes that neither of these views are true.

And both of them are real.

A journey into Selfistry is an opportunity to discover for yourself if what I just said is true or not.

In other words, Selfistry demands that you become your own authority on the most importance aspects of your life: Meaning, Right and Wrong, Life and Death.

Selfistry is for you if you are in tune with these historical times and don’t see them as Armageddon or the second coming of Christ.

Selfistry is for you if you view these times as an obligation and an opportunity to wake up to the magnitude of the responsibility being a human avows you.

Selfistry is for you if you are interested in participating in a culture of humans who value deep listening, alignment with genuine values, and a radical embodiment that includes nature as an informant for right living and a healthy lifestyle.

Selfistry is for you if you feel the urgency on the planet today to solve big problems, to invent creative alternatives for the resources we have fully exploited, and to relate to one another in loving, inclusive, and creative ways.

Selfistry is for you if you realize that the last three things I just said demand your authenticity, not your conformity. There will be no “right” way for everybody to show up. Identifying your unique offering and finding your place of belonging during this period in human history will take all of your attention and intention.

There is no right way.

Only your way.

Join us.

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