About Sarah

Her Story

Hello Friend,

I've lived many lives: college student, lover, Orthodox Jew, escort, celibate monk, truth-seeker, recluse. But our true callings have a way of finding us. And mine finally found me...


You see, I was born to be a teacher. Even as a kid, I was playing school while my friends were playing house. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been hungry for truth, understanding, knowledge, and connection. And I gave up everything to satisfy that hunger.

Today, I lead workshops, host retreats, teach courses, and consult with organizations on life transformation all over the world. I share practical spirituality and conscious awakening in corporate boardrooms, packed auditoriums, on white sand beaches, via online courses, and in cozy living rooms.

Sharing deep, life-altering truth with others lights me up, and it is my privilege and my mission to bring a message of exploration, transformation, and the potential for an evolved humanity to the people I work with.

My Journey

I didn’t arrive at my calling overnight. My journey has been at times messy and confusing. It’s cracked me open and brought me to places of darkness and despair. But it’s also forged a solid ground of authenticity, passion, and purpose, and I have nothing but gratitude for every step along my path.

I began my career as a teacher (no surprise there!). With my bachelor’s in Alternative Education and my master’s in History and Philosophy of Education, I set out to change my students’ worlds. But as a young teacher, I realized that I couldn’t support others in their personal development when I had hit a wall in my own. I wasn’t living my own truth, so how could I help others live theirs?

This moment of realization triggered a decade-long dive into human development, spirituality, and self-discovery.

I was eager to learn the truth about God, life, and the human condition, but I couldn’t find the right guidance for me. Every educational program, religious institution, and new age community I considered studying with felt too insulated, constricted, and myopic—and, believe me, I checked out a bunch of them.

So, I decided to create my own school, outside of all the systems. I embarked on the journey of a self-guided program of human wisdom teachings, spending ten years in retreat studying, contemplating, and practicing various teachings and tools for transformation.

In those years, my connection with the outside world was essentially limited to weekly grocery shopping trips. I isolated myself from everything in order to get quiet enough to rest and listen inside for meaning, purpose, and knowledge.

I studied traditional religious texts, esoteric teachings, psychology and philosophy. I practiced yoga, mindful breathwork, and meditation daily. I experimented with more extreme asceticism including austerities such as fasting, voluntary simplicity, and long periods of silence. I explored the teachings of Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Native Peoples, Advaita Vedanta/Hinduism, Tantra, Toltec Wisdom, and the Tao.

Over time I became able to strip away the tangled religious rhetoric, new-age jargon, and moral dogma from all of these different belief systems. It was then that I found the space to listen for the answers to my ceaseless questing. Who am I? Why am I here? What is this all about?  

In that quiet, untethered space, the answers found me and opened me to my deepest, truest, authentic sense of self.

So, after ten years in isolated retreat, I re-entered the world, took some time to reorient myself (wow, how much the world had changed in a decade!), and then picked up where I left off as an educator, and created Selfistry. Full circle.

Now, I help others discover and live from that deep, quiet place. I want to bring others to this beautiful place of centeredness, clarity, and alignment—without the ten years it took me to get there.

Because, here’s the thing: embodying spiritual integrity and incorporating personal wholeness are not limited, restricted, or exclusive to a few. Plus, individual fulfillment is not solely the domain of narcissists or navel-gazers.  We all long to be fully ourselves. This drive is perfectly natural. When approached properly, we not only find our way to a sense of inner peace and contentment, we also discover what’s truly ours to do in the world — we contribute our unique superpowers, with a gusto! 

Maybe you’re living in an urban high rise, or maybe you live at the end of a dirt road in the country. Maybe you’ve explored spiritual practices, or maybe you still go to the church you were raised in. Maybe you’re married with kids, or maybe you’re still exploring your sexuality. No matter what, this open, inclusive, explorative life is for YOU.

One final note: my life has been full of messiness, just like yours. Imperfection is grist for the mill. So, if you’re struggling, don’t despair. The struggle is normal. And if you feel lost still in an unyielding darkness, don’t give up. It’s not too late to find your way. There’s hope.

Core Beliefs

A few things you should know about me…

I believe:

  • There’s enough for all of us. Really.
  • The answers are already inside of us…but we may need a guiding hand to uncover them. I know I did.
  • We live our best lives when we live from a calm center.
  • Rules can be overrated (and often outdated), but structure serves.
  • To know one’s self is the gateway to being of service to others and the planet.
  • The universe is rooting for you to wake up, grow up, and show up.
  • All humans are valuable, no matter what!
  • Life is truly a mystery and awe is a worthy response.
  • The best way to eat is farm to table…with beautifully prepared delicious fare and interesting peeps from around the world.


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