Walk with me


One-on-one mentoring is a sure way to accelerate your growth.

Imagine deepening in your understanding of the context of the times we live in, the magnitude of the changes underfoot, and how complexity is showing up both in the world and in you.

Learn why context matters.

Imagine receiving assistance to sort through all the noise in the marketplace of personal development so that you can identify the medicine from the snake oil.

Hone your discernment.

Imagine gaining clarity on your life goals and developing the endurance to achieve them.

Embody the importance of intent.

Imagine receiving guidance on the appropriate strategy and tactics for  your unique pathway to mastering the art of being yourself.

Rediscover your innate intelligence.

Imagine being supported to set realistic goals for yourself, and to stay focused, accountable, and committed to your transformation.

Remember the power of being “for” each other.

Imagine capitalizing on the value of individualized and personal attention .

Learn how to be wisely selfish and help your loved ones do the same.

You may be wondering why you should prioritize yourself.

If not now, when?

One-on-one mentoring is an opportunity to put yourself first, to prioritize your commitment to your personal self-care and well-being. I will expertly guide you to use this wisely selfish act as a means of deepening your capacity to show up in life more fully, and to generate healthy and meaningful relationships with your family and your community.

Mastering the art of being yourself takes committed attention and devotion. It also takes time. It is a journey. One-on-one personal guidance will help you streamline your development and help you stay on track. You will be encouraged and empowered by my personal attention as I show up with decades of experience and a commitment to fully support your success.

I love one-on-one mentoring because the results can be so immediate and lasting. I only mentor a handful of folks at a time to make sure each one receives the attention they need and deserve – and when it comes to growing oneself, having a private guide who really knows the territory is priceless.

Each individual comes to the inner peace I speak of via their own unique journey. No two people have the same history, challenges, or gifts. Seeing yourself clearly is key to living your best life. One-on-one mentoring is where I get to bring everything I have to the table so that you get precisely the nuanced guidance you deserve.

Feeling drawn?

It's easy to step in.

  • Apply now to let me know you are interested through the contact form
  • Once I receive your request I will follow up with next steps
  • We will meet privately to determine if we are a good fit
  • From there we engage in a 9 month journey together — meeting twice a month live via zoom for one hour with ongoing contact via an app of our choosing
  • Mentorship is on a sliding scale

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