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Adulting 2.0 : for people who know something’s missing.

How to see yourself, love yourself, and free yourself.


April 16, 2019
1:00 pm - 1:45 pm





The Experience

Are you feeling stuck — not sure what the cause of the stuckness is — feeling like you should be happy? Maybe you’ve adulted really well so far — have a good life by most measures. And yet …

Are you confused about the meaning of your life? Maybe you believe you should’ve figured it all out by a certain age and actually feel farther than ever from knowing anything for sure.

Do you find yourself thinking that life has passed you by regardless of how old you are? Are you incessantly comparing yourself to others and not measuring up — frustrated by the waves of shame that pour over you?

If this describes you in any way, please know you’re not alone. More people than you can imagine feel uncertain, unhappy, unsettled — and ashamed to tell anyone. In fact, many of the social media posts you’re busy comparing yourself to are merely the facade of another wondering soul like you.

Here’s the good news.

There’s nothing wrong with you.

What you’re experiencing is the consequence of a troubled world, not the result of an inherently flawed you.

Here’s the facts.

The state of the world is uniquely and radically chaotic — in ways never before experienced in human history. World views, ways of meaning making, spiritual values, moral codes, and notions of success and happiness are all in flux. It makes perfect sense that individuals alive today would feel lost.

The question is not what’s wrong with you or the world. There are many theories on this.

A better question might be how do we navigate our lives within the madness of these times.

What if adulting was an emergent process constantly being stimulated by the unyielding intensity of the world? What if growing up was not an endgame to be achieved, but rather — literally — the journey of a lifetime?

And what if we could map that journey in a way that would help us manage both the angst we experience as individuals and the complexity we face as a species?

We can.

Join us.