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Artistry Apprenticeship

A unique opportunity to masterfully weave the inner and the outer, the me and the we, into the artistry of you.


February 1, 2024 - January 6, 2025





Ready to author the next chapter of your life?


Personal development is a life long journey spanning depth and breadth. Selfistry’s framework, tools, community, and individual guidance provide a unique space to grow oneself psychologically, spiritually, emotionally, and professionally.

However …

Our personal inner work is never truly separate from others and the the outer world at large.

At some point along the way we realize that the two are intimately connected and though focusing solely on one over the other for periods of time can be extremely beneficial, at some point the artistry of orienting our personal self development within the context of our relationships and work becomes incredibly compelling and enlivening — even essential.

In other words, at some point the dance between me and we becomes our life purpose.


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I know, I know …

You may be wondering …

How can we even begin to address the outer before we do the inner work?

Or you may be wondering …

How can we focus on ourselves when our relationships, our kids, our communities, the world and even the planet are all — to some degree — falling apart?




What if …

It’s possible to address the inner and the outer with an intelligent approach that is both sturdy and dynamic, logical and intuitive, and which yields measurable — quantitative and qualitative — results in the texture and tenure of our lives?

In other words …

What if we actually can have our cake and eat it, too?

What if we can develop ourselves while positively impacting others and helping to change the world?

If some part of you knows this is possible and resonates with the picture I’m painting, then this apprenticeship might be for you.


Allow me to be your guide.

Let’s up-level our engagement with life and meet our deepest longing to serve something other than solely our personal desires for healing, growth, success or enlightenment.

Here are some details:

Beginning January 2024, 12 of us will take a journey together. Over the course of the year we’ll clarify our worldview and hone our meta perspective on the purpose and meaning of  life … as we strengthen and practice our unique tools for personal transformation.

Woven into this inner curriculum we will be investigating our relationship with the outer world through a variety of lenses. The nature of our place in the world and how to make sure our actions are attuned to our inner wisdom is the focus.

We will engage with the following themes:

  • Individual uniqueness — owning and honing yours!
  • Relationships — where “we” becomes an extension of “me.”
  • Somatic well-being — cultivating a sound orientation to health.
  • Work/vocation — what’s yours to do in the world?
  • Parenting, teaching, guiding — becoming a calm conduit of clarity.
  • Sex — when, where, how, and why?
  • Death — the best friend you will ever have.
  • The planet — caring for your home.

Together, we will continue to deepen our personal development within the Selfistry framework, as we amplify how our personal spiritual growth must inevitably impact the world around us in order for us to feel whole — a world that needs our gifts, now more than ever.

Each of the modules will include theory, practice, and personal attention.



We will meet every six weeks, on the Equinoxes, Solstices, and Cross Quarters. We will gather on a Thursday for 2 hours, then Friday for 2 hours, and Saturday for 3 – 4 hours. Once enrollment is complete, together we will visit the possibility of tweaking the days and times to accommodate everyone’s schedules. However, attendance at each module is not essential — though it is, obviously, preferred. All sessions will be recorded and the group will meet weekly on an ongoing basis. Each participant will also receive 8 private sessions with Sarah or a free ticket to Selfistry’s Nourish Your Self in Paradise 2024 eight day retreat. Additional optional regional retreats and get togethers TBD.

Module dates:

February 1 – 3 Imbolc/Candlemas

March 21 – 23 Spring Equinox

May 2 – 4 Beltane/May Day

June 20 – 22 Summer Solstice

August 1 – 3 Lughnasadh/Lammas

September 19 – 21 Autumn Equinox

November 7 – 9  Samhein/Halloween

Interested in joining me on this next phase of Selfistry’s evolution? Schedule a talk with me to learn more, have your questions answered, and to determine if this is the perfect next step for you.

Cost is $5825 :  a $300 deposit and monthly payments of $460.