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Bringing Our Selves Home


September 4, 2018 - 25, 2018


LIVE Online Meeting Space
 , California 



What do we do when we have a life changing experience on retreat and then want to keep the energy going? We plug back in to the retreat energy by reconnecting with the women that were there. We commit to Keep it Going!

In this course we will convene for 75 minutes each week for one month. Our time together will include check-ins, individualized personal processing and applying the Selfistry teachings specifically to your own life.

This course is a highly effective incubator for the tender time post-retreat. Together we will integrate the experiences and revelations that took place for you on retreat. We’ll reconnect with the group, investigate our daily practice, and learn more advanced tools for application in day to day interactions, situations, and states of being.

This course will capture your intentions from retreat and transform them from ‘who you can become’ to ‘who you are actively becoming.’