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Data Party!!!

In partnership with the Discovery Lab of The Institute of Noetic Sciences, Selfistry's Become Your Self cohort participated in a study looking at how self-development programs impact self-development. The data from IONS' analysis of Selfistry is ready to share. 


January 17, 2022
11:00 am - 1:00 pm





The Experience

Join us to learn about what it means to self-develop in a troubled time, and celebrate all the ways we are already aligned with what the world is calling forth from us.  Michael Kriegsman Ph.D. and Sarah will share data from IONS’ surveys and Selfistry’s questionnaires to give a broadly integrated analysis on what makes self-development so important to humanity’s future, and what specific competencies are more or less attuned to showing up for the existential crises of our times.

At this party, we will share the data, offer how we are making sense of the data, and enlist your reflections and input.