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Heartistry: Integrating Clarity, Courage, and Compassion

Are you being called to a new level of self-responsibility and collective healing, yet feel depleted or aren't sure where to begin? Start by tapping the wild, wise wisdom of your heart and dive deep to reclaim your gifts and guidance.


April 3 - 5


1440 Multiversity
Scotts Valley, California, United States



The Experience

Join cutting-edge thought leader HeatherAsh Amara and myself for a unique weaving of our potent systems for transformation — HeatherAsh’s Warrior Heart Practice and my Selfistry Method. With HeatherAsh and I, you will take an innovative look at how to bridge your personal growth with the evolutionary call of humanity.

You will learn:

  • Simple self-inquiry exercises to transform confusion into clarity and pain into peace
  • Elegant and efficient somatic practices to recalibrate your connection to Source
  • Numerous strategies to ascertain the subtle difference between internal stories and the actual truth
  • Proven tools to stop suffering and self-limitation and start living powerfully
  • Important skills to harness individual intent that allow the power of life to move through you.

If you have struggled with self-worth, fear of rejection, shame, self-doubt, or blame-get free from the inside out and master the art of being human by actualizing the amazing, creative, vital force you carry inside. Create your best life for the good of all.

I’m really touched in so many ways by Sarah’s work, by Selfistry. I think particularly because what has been missing my life (and I’m almost 71), is a deeper connection with my own inner Source. Sarah’s work really addresses how we can find that Source in an ongoing basis and integrate the other side of that, which is life.
Belle Belle