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Help! My self-help program isn’t helping!


March 11, 2019
1:00 pm - 1:45 pm





The Experience

Have you read self-help books, gone to personal development seminars, hired a life coach, attended a spiritual retreat, sat at the feet of a guru, done therapy, and still… the same old you keeps showing up?

Are you left feeling that the problem is in you —that you’re broken beyond repair — undisciplined — too traumatized —not smart enough?

I doubt it.

Find out what might really be the problem.

Join Sarah Marshank, the founder of Selfistry, for an exciting and compelling conversation about why most self-help programs don’t actually work long term for people. She explains why the programs you choose are likely not working for you and gives you tools to help you find the ones that will. So, relax, there’s hope.