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Know Your Self

Finding Your Center in Times of Chaos


October 2 - November 13
Wednesdays 5 - 7 pm Pacific





The Experience

Feeling uncertain when it comes to making decisions?

Feeling overwhelmed by internal and external influences?

Not to worry. You’re not alone. These are complex times we live in and anybody who claims it’s easy to navigate through the inner and outer turmoil is lying. Living a meaningful and fulfilling life takes effort. Though it may not be so easy to do, it’s not very complicated. You see, there’s a place inside of you that carries the insight and wisdom you long for and which many of us have been taught to seek outside of ourselves.  No more. You do not need a guru or a religion. All you need is to reorient yourself. With a little guidance you’ll be on your way. That’s all. There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not broken.

Join Sarah as she takes you on a unique journey into your self where you’ll be given a simple map and a user friendly compass so that you’ll never lose your center again.

This course consists of 7 modules. Classes will meet on Zoom on Wednesdays from 5 – 7 pm Pacific time April 3 – May 15, 2019.  Each week will build on the one before. At the end of the course you’ll have an effective way to stay centered and navigate even the most harrowing times. Ready to change your life without having to change yourself? Join us!



Week 1. Wisely Selfish is the Path: The Three Realms of Selfistry

You are not broken. There’s nothing wrong with you. Let’s take a look at the big picture – the times you were born into and the culture and family you were raised in. Let’s get some perspective and reorient our understanding of what it means to be human – where do our limitations lie and where do we have agency?

In this module you will:

  • Be introduced to a simple and elegant map of yourself
  • Be given permission to be wisely selfish and taught what that is
  • Connect with others exploring their complexity and creativity
  • Examine the greater field in which we are living

Week 2:  Deepen into You: Accepting the Internal Chaos

You’re not crazy! Everyone has a complex configuration of (often conflicting) needs, desires, beliefs, emotions, and habits. There’s nothing wrong with this. However, these many “selves” can create a lot of inner confusion. Yet, you are SO much more than this confusion. You may feel lost or unsettled, and use self-criticism or shame to try to manage the chaos or force answers – but there’s another way.

When you begin to accept the psychological chaos, observing it all with loving awareness, your internal landscape begins to organize itself around your deeper Self and Source. Divergent desires, passions, and needs can coexist and even be celebrated.

In this module you’ll:

  • Explore your inner landscape with wonder and curiosity rather than judgment, shame, and fear
  • Celebrate your complexity rather than be overwhelmed by it
  • Experience freedom from inner confusion or the sense that you’re “crazy”
  • Learn a simple visualization that will help your sort out your inner world

Week 3: See Your Self & Love Your Self: Developing Your Inner Witness

Despite years of spiritual practice, if you find you’re unable to pause and move through your day with conscious awareness, your inner Witness may not be active. No worries. She is here and ready to assist you. The act of witnessing – as Loving Awareness – is the most direct way to transform your sense of self. This simple, profound act must be practiced to become second nature. In this class, Sarah will guide you to distinguish between “normal” self-consciousness and self-awareness, based on neuroscience research. You’ll begin to witness, rather than judge, your interior experience!

In this module you’ll:

  • Differentiate between self-consciousness and self-awareness
  • Develop your capacity to witness your emotions, thoughts, and body sensations
  • Apply tools to awaken and stabilize Loving Awareness
  • Discover the neuroscience of self-awareness and the difference between attention and awareness
  • Receive a daily somatic practice for developing more Witness consciousness.

Week 4: Celebrate the Breath Breathing You: Finding Your Center

The latin word inspirare means “to breathe or blow into.” In this class, Sarah will guide you to explore any limited beliefs around God or Source, calm your overactive mind and touch into the source of your uniqueness, allowing inspiration to move through you. Deepening your relationship with your Self and with Source — you’ll receive support and wisdom to open to the full picture of who you are and be able to guide you life from a centered place.

In this class, you’ll:

  • Feel yourself AS breath, the inspiration for the life you want to create
  • Explore the parts of you that are open to the Mystery and those that are closed
  • Begin to heal any wounds or sense of betrayal by “God”
  • Learn a simple meditation to settle your mind and reconnect with Source
  • Tap into your center, inviting all of your selves to contribute to your life

Week 5: Self Artistry: Embracing the Mess of Life and Taking Risks Wisely

When you have an understanding of the building blocks of an authentic life and self, the fun begins — and so does the messiness. With the proper perspective, soon the messiness begins to take on its own artistry, and the ups and downs of life no longer throw you into confusion, panic, or despair. Your center becomes more and more accessible. If you’ve been afraid of making mistakes, being too big, too wild, or too loud, this is the time to take risks (creatively, not recklessly) and revel in the messiness of a life well-lived.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Experience the artistry of a conscious mess
  • Learn the distinction between wise risk-taking and reckless risk-taking
  • Work through fear and feeling torn between conflicting desires — integrating another powerful tool called Polarity Mapping
  • Share and commune more deeply with like minded community for support and validation

Week 6: It’s a LifeStyle: Trusting Yourself as the Artist of Your Life

Coming home to ourselves is a lifelong journey. You now have a set of tools, practices, and daily rituals to support you. In this class, you’ll identify ways you might slip into old habits, address any new fears, and continue working in the three realms of Self, Source, and Witness as you artfully create this new phase of your life. You’ll begin to create the perfect recipe for YOU in each realm so you’ll continue to grow as an artist. As we prepare to end the course and spread our wings, you’ll feel grounded in your ability to take this work forward in ways that are authentic to you. You’ll trust yourself as the artist of your life.

In this class, you’ll:

  • Finally rest in the comfort of knowing you can do this
  • Begin to create a lifestyle that supports the mastery of your Self
  • Underscore the value of being wisely selfish
  • Define your spiritual path for yourself
  • Reclaim your childlike wonder and curiosity

Week 7: Touching the World with your Grounded Self

Though it may sound trite, it’s actually true that once we come home to ourselves – all of our selves – we then find our natural belonging in the web of life. Through a deep listening to Source, a confident capacity to maintain and cultivate Loving Awareness, and a deep abiding love of our selves, we are well on our way to mastering the art of being human. Through this genuine being human we now begin to consciously and effortlessly change the world, one self at a time. This class will focus on stepping into your sovereignty as you clarify what really is YOURS to do in this wild and crazy world.

In this final module, you’ll:

  • See sovereignty and self-authorship as gateways to real change within the collective
  • Discover how you can have a wisely selfish life and make a difference in the world
  • Create clear intentions and plans for moving forward with this newly gained understanding of who you truly are
  • Access an unabashed willingness to have a life that matters and helps heal the planet

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The Selfistry course I took with Sarah was powerful work and deeply transformative for me. Sarah was totally engaged and present in our sessions. I so value how Sarah connected with each participant and their process; tuning in deeply; listening fully, and offering deep reflection and brilliant perspective to each unique situation or question. Sarah guided the group with clarity, insight and natural flow.
Sari Telpner - Solopreneur