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Mentoring Pods

The group format of a pod makes so much more possible.


August 1 - October 1





Join a mentoring pod to help you deepen what you’ve explored in Selfistry thus far, so that you can anchor into the Selfistry system and weave it more fully into your life. This is a way to step in further to the teachings of Selfistry with individualized feedback, focused self-reflection, community support, and personalized guidance.

The group format of a mentoring pod makes so much more possible. Witness and learn from the experiences of three other pod members while being held by Sarah’s wisdom and the wisdom of the group. Support other participants as they go through their processes, as you share the unique insights that only you bring to the world. Remember that you are not alone as you walk your path; you have friends walking alongside you.

Each pod session includes 4 sessions over eight weeks, meeting roughly every two weeks. Situate yourself in a container that can hold your growth and development over time. Remember, this is about using the Selfistry framework and map to help you discover, know, and deepen into your self. This is a process; it’s not something that is complete in a five-week course or a week-long retreat. It happens over a lifetime. 

During each pod term you will receive:

  1. Four 90-minute sessions over two months with three other Know Your Self alumni: Tuesdays 3 – 4:30 pm pacific ~   OR Thursdays 11 – 12:30 pm pacific 
  2. Each participant will get a portion of the time, leaving space for group process and emergent teachings to spontaneously arise
  3. Each session will be recorded so that you can come back to it to gather anything that you missed and revisit any nuggets of wisdom and support that were helpful
  4. You have the option to pay in full $400, or to pay over 3 months $140
  5. Text and email access to Sarah, with a guaranteed response within 24 hour.

If you feel called, please join us!

Click the link to apply. We will contact you with next steps once we receive your application.

The Selfistry pod structure has been immensely beneficial for me. In addition to practicing the three realms in Selfistry‘s framework: self, source, witness, I’ve been offered permission to participate in an intentional community like none other I’ve experienced before. In all honesty, I have resisted “community“, fearing the loss of my identity as an individual. Spending time every other week with the same cohort of people who are open to simply witnessing and listening and allowing me to express all my selves in a safe place —and to be in the process of my own self-observation — has benefited me in ways that I didn’t anticipate. The true, raw honesty of our experiences reminds me that humanity exists all around. It helps give me the capacity to discern my responses to the outside world and to be kind to myself, because that kindness flows out from us into the world."
Erin Damour