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Nourish Your Self in Paradise

Join Sarah on this special retreat just for women and begin experiencing the personal power and lasting benefits of living an authentically self-authored life.

A Selfistry Retreat for Women


If you’re ready to take self love to the next level… ready to weave deep R & R with powerful & enduring transformative inner work, then bring your whole beautifully imperfect self to the beach this spring.

Do you crave spending quality time with yourself – without distractions – in a beautiful comfortable quiet place?

Are you overstretched and exhausted yearning to rest and recharge so that you can meet yourself in this moment?

Or maybe you’re feeling out of alignment, off purpose, needing to reset your inner compass AND nurture your body at the same time?

Maybe you’re facing an important life decision that needs your full attention and you’re looking for the perfect atmosphere to give it the attention it deserves.

Though you may hesitate to take time for yourself due to family or work obligations or others who are counting on you, is it possible that time to yourself is precisely what you need in order to show up more fully for your life and your loved ones?


If you’re a woman who’s determined to bring your best self forward and takes very seriously how you spend your time, money, and energy, then consider the following…

Imagine a small group of quality women connecting deeply in their shared desire to be alone and be together. Imagine days that unfold gently within a self care program that serves up the best sleep – imagine the sound of the ocean cradling you to sleep – organic locally sourced delicious food, walks on the beach, hikes in the forest, boat trips on the water, soaks in the hot tub, massages in a nature sanctuary, and optional daily meditation and yoga classes. Now, add to this picture a program expertly designed for exploring your inner self and carefully bringing you back home to your authenticity — providing the best techniques in personal development and spiritual alignment. Now wrap this vision up and sprinkle it with belly laughter, transformational music, superb margaritas (optional, of course), free form movement, and you’re pretty much there.




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March 16 - 23, 2019

Mar De Jade
Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico

$1497 Before February 1, 2019