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Radical Self-Care

When it comes to self-care few people get truly radical. The first step in discerning what radical self-care looks like is to get clear on what/who the self is that needs radical care.


September 7, 2022
9:00 am - 11:00 am





The Experience

Every day people deal with feelings of stress, anxiety, despair, and depression. Many keep their feelings hidden, manage them through actions that mask the angst, or defer addressing them for another time — a time they imagine might be easy or pleasant.


Truth is, waiting often makes things worse, generating a snowball of secrets … and, unfortunately, there really isn’t a time when attending to that snowball will be easy or pleasant.


However …


There is a way to melt that snowball that is trustworthy and effective.

There is a way to build a sense of calm and clarity in even the most unbearable situations and painful feelings.


It starts with taking the time to investigate the landscape of selfhood. 


You see, much of our inner angst is caused not by the stuff that we are feeling or experiencing, but rather by an identification with the self who is feeling and experiencing the stuff.


On the surface, our selfhood presents as obvious and true — and its feelings are deemed as significant and real. However, once that facade begins to crumble, another opportunity arises. Initially we might feel overwhelmed by the disruption. But the core self is actually fundamentally quite simple and elegant beneath all the noise —- capable of sustaining a sense of peace and ease in the face of anything.


This workshop will present a clear map of your selfhood so that you might come to see yourself in a new way and begin to care for yourself more effectively.


Cuz …


What if you are not alone … and you’re not broken?

What if all you need is to reorient yourself?


And what if …


Your reorientation is precisely what the world needs from you now?


I’m happy to make the case, and then show you the way.


In this workshop you will:

  • Recognize the difference between self-absorption and self-growth
  • Be empowered to care for yourself in ways that truly make sense
  • Discover how to bring more calm and clarity into every area of your life