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Self Love: The Kind That Matters

How to choose self care that's right for you.


February 12
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm





Are you a steadfast giver, often paralyzed when it comes to making time for self care, feeling guilty when you even think about doing something for yourself?

Are you someone who tends to look to others in order to feel loved, still longing to be cared for in a way you’ve never been?

Or maybe you have no problem doing things for yourself, but the things you’re doing aren’t giving you what you really want.

Join Sarah Marshank, the founder of Selfistry, for a talk about the right kind of self care – the kind that brings you home to yourself (and your dreams) and not needing any validation from the outside – the kind of self love that doesn’t just make you feel better in the moment, but brings you to a lasting sense of well-being and joy.