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The Self Care Blueprint

Design your personal self care protocols.


September 12, 2022 - October 12, 2022





I challenge you to prioritize yourself so that you can show up for life in the way you dream is possible.

Tired of wasting your energy on self care protocols that don’t really serve you?

Maybe yoga is not your jam, or bubble baths leave you feeling clean but wholly uninspired.

It takes courage and fortitude to stop and inquire, “What am I truly moving towards in my life, and is what I am doing actually moving me in that direction?”

Though it may seem like a bad idea to focus on yourself right now, I challenge you to prioritize taking the time to assess and reorient yourself. This is the best form of self care you can give yourself (and your loved ones) right now. Because, once you reiterate and clarify your desired destination, take stock on what you’re presently spending your precious time and energy on, and get radically honest about what will and won’t work for you, you will be able to generate a self-care blueprint that will serve you for life.

This program will take you through the steps necessary to accomplish this intent if …

  • you’re ready to get radically honest with yourself about yourself
  • you’re tired of trying tools or teachers that don’t deliver what you need
  • what you are seeking is a self growth tune-up not an overhaul 



Using my new book Selfistry: A guide to Embodying Timeless Spiritual Wisdom as the structure of this five-week program, we will take a journey of self inquiry that will leave you with clarity: a clear picture of what self care looks like for you.


We will meet each Monday and Wednesday from 12 pm – 1 pm pacific beginning September 12  and ending October 12. All sessions will be recorded. An optional entry into a private community network where you can carry on threads of conversation and reflection throughout the program and afterwards will also be made available.

Selfistry is a simple and elegant framework designed for people who are …

  • open and curious about life’s meaning and purpose
  • intelligent and thoughtful about deep topics
  • emotionally sensitive and receptive
  • willing to take a sober look at themselves
Selfistry is so practical that you'll ask yourself why you have never done it before.
Maria Wijas, Poland