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Selfistry Embodied: Radical Self Care for Life 2024

It's time to move forward with your life purpose. The world is ready for your gifts.


October 1, 2024 - November 21, 2024





Everyone can change. You, too, can become the most authentic version of yourself. Aligned with your values. Free of shoulds. Clear on your sincerest aspirations. Learned in the skills necessary to bring forth your gifts into the world.

Content. Connected. Confident. On purpose.


For each of us, there are unique life circumstances and personal history that both feed our resistance to change and fuel our capacities to successfully grow. 

It’s not just you who struggles to break old patterns, release incessant habits, and ripen into somebody whom you know is gestating inside.

Make no mistake, it’s super hard to overcome our dogged resistance and find the magic elixir that will unleash our inherent potential.

And oh my, do we try hard.




So. Many. Books.

Somatic healing.



Better food … better sleep … better sex …

It’s all supposed to help, right? Help us get clear. Help us get “there.” But has it? Or are you, like so many others, left feeling like every next step you take is just one more thing to do and then, when it doesn’t pan out, you take another and then another, leaving you feeling like you’re oh so close. But oh so far. 

You wonder if you should push through and employ a more committed self discipline or just go ahead and try the next thing … because eventually you should hit the mark, right?


The answer is definitely not to do more.

And the answer is definitely not to push through.

I promise.

The answer is to stop

Then to reflect on what you’re actually asking of yourself – if it’s even reasonable or desirable. 

Because …


Truth is … at this point in human history, before we can actualize our natural impulse to grow, we are well advised to explore, “What am I actually moving towards, what is the nature of the growth that I’m seeking, and is what I’m doing moving me in that direction?”

It’s likely that you’re squandering your life force, searching for something unattainable without considering the context of what is actually possible.

In other words …

You are disoriented.

We — as a species — are disoriented.



It wasn’t always this way.

Western culture has led us wildly astray — leaving so many of us confused and chasing after a dream that is not truly ours, but was fed to us at birth. A dream that’s actually not realizable — nor even desirable, upon investigation.

However, once we slow down and take a look at how we’ve lost our way, then a realistic path opens up before us. It was always there. Just buried.

By stepping off the path that was never really yours and stepping onto a reliable and attainable one, you’ll be poised to pick up unique and sustainable tools that will illuminate what self growth actually looks like for you. From here you’ll be able to discern clearly when to push through resistance, when to yield, and when to change course. 

So …

I invite you to stop your present self growth frenzy. 

Right now. 

Give yourself time to reorient this entire personal growth endeavor. 

Yes. I know now may be a hard time to think about prioritizing yourself. But consider for just a moment that there may never be a better time. Your plate may get more full, not less. Stressors may get more acute. If you’re reading this, you’re likely already feeling that your energetic capacity has become strained — taut — unsustainable. 

If not now, when?



Taking time to learn a useful framework that will carry you, not just through one season of hardship, but for the rest of your life, is likely the best form of self care you can give yourself.

Once you clarify your goal, take stock of what you’re presently spending your precious time and energy on, and get radically honest about what will and won’t work for you, you’ll be able to choreograph the lifestyle that deeply nourishes you forever.

Selfistry can help.

Now is the moment when you can stop trying to live up to your potential and start moving steadily toward it.


I’m Sarah, and I’m your guide. I invite you to join me in this very special signature program.

What I’ve learned from decades in the field of human development as both a serious practitioner and a highly trained educator is that certain essential elements are key to enacting our innate capacity to learn and grow, and are therefore embedded in the structure of this program.

Learning must be relevant to the learner and their natural curiosity.

Learning must be delivered in a style that matches the style of the learner.

Learning happens best in an environment with other dedicated learners.

Learning is enhanced and expedited by having guides and teachers who have a comprehensive understanding of the learning process, have knowledge of the content being learned, and have a wide-ranging capacity in facilitating the learning process across a diversity of populations.

Learning takes time.

The human development that is being called forth from our species at this time in history asks that both learners and guides find their way to being in right relationship with one another and the planet, where we recognize that we are all eternally both students and teachers in varied contexts.



In this foundational program, I will take you through the steps necessary to accomplish creating a life that is dynamically responsive to the complex and unique human that you are becoming, if …

You’re excited about getting radically honest with yourself about yourself and your desires.

You’re tired of trying tools or teachers that don’t deliver what you need.

What you are seeking is  more of a self-growth tune-up rather than an overhaul — meaning, you already have some time spent in the arenas of self-help and personal or spiritual growth, and are longing to take stock of what you have achieved in order to clarify your way forward.

You recognize that the times we live in always inform the choices we have regarding the direction of our lives — and if we do not consider the context of the current global situation as integral to our personal choices, then we are not only doing a great disservice to humanity, but will likely be unsuccessful in bringing about our ideal life.





Each member will receive a private one-on-one session with me either before the program launches, during the integration module, or after the program ends. Your unique life circumstances and challenges will thus be masterfully and discretely woven into the delivery of the curriculum.

This is a seasonal program, delivered in 2024, in the Spring and again in the Autumn.

The program consists of 8 modules over 9 weeks. The first four weeks will be teaching modules, the subsequent two weeks will be integration modules, and the final two will be synthesizing modules.

During each module the entire group will meet that week for 90 minutes. There will also be open office hours each week to allow for additional learning opportunities and discussion. For this cohort, we will be meeting on Tuesdays from 4- 5:30 pm pacific for our community sessions and then on Thursdays from 12 – 1 pm pacific for open Q and A Office Hours.

These meetings will run from October 1 – October 24 and then again from November 12 though November 21. The structure of our integration module from October 25 – November 11 will be created together and will include various options for convening.

The cohort will have a private and secure online space where all learning materials will be located and where cohort members can convene and engage with one another.

All participants will have access to the Selfistry online secure and private community where additional learning, practice sessions, and community connections happen regularly.

Participants will also receive discounts on regional gatherings and Selfistry’s Nourish Your Self in Paradise eight day retreat in 2025.

Cost is $700. Payment plans available upon request.




What overall benefits of the program are you noticing?

~ I notice a greater trust in myself and the world, enabling me to have fuller expression. And a deep happiness that I’ve never felt before. A freedom from day to day anxieties.

~ I feel this experience has been initiatory for me, so much has changed and happened and honestly not sure how I am shifting within that yet, but I feel the learning has been about my capacity — what I am capable of while staying buoyant and when I need to ask for more support or do less. I feel like integrating the content of Selfistry for me will take some time… that learning about the different selves and how to connect more deeply to source will be ongoing and will likely deepen over the next six months.

~ So much is continuing to change in/about me through my own personal self-development/spiritual journey and I suspect new “me’s” will continue to unfold as I continue to grow/evolve. I am not the same woman I was last year or even last week and I am looking forward to meeting all of my future selves. Examples; I’ve grown my capacity to be in relationship with others & self, growing my capacity to surrender and be stretched, to forgive, to love and set healthy boundaries. Super rich exploration & growth.

~ I’m noticing more levity. I can be struggling and experiencing a lot more joy (which to me is a connection to source / presence / trust). I am much more joyful than I was 6 months ago. I am slowly but surely building acceptance. I have build more of a meditation practice, been more diligent with my movement, I have deepened my understanding of my situation.

~ I am now fully aware of my ego and no longer “hate it” or try to get rid of it. That’s pointless. 

~ The self realm is unfolding slowly for me. A deep rework is happening. I am traversing my Judeo-christian beliefs, the role the damage of my early yrs has played in my many different attempts to find or feel God. 

~ We all have very different lived experiences and most of us carry some type of trauma or wounds that have played an integral role in our “identity” which for me is why this work is so important for our individual growth/evolution. Collectively, we are all living in a world that is always changing, leaving us facing new challenges and crises which is why this community is so nourishing. In this space, we get to be curious together, unpack stories (individually & collectively), to wonder & explore how to navigate through it all.

What about the structure of the program are you appreciating?

~ It’s lovely to have a cohort to learn and practice with. Feels very intentional to me. It also feels good to have periods of learning time and then integration time.

~ I really love the regular connection with Sarah, the learning through the other women and what they are living, connecting with people in different worlds than me. I love the lens of Selfistry and how it helps me to understand and organize my world. 

~ Growing connections. Deepening in my wisdom and experiences.

~ I like the pacing and the feeling of spaciousness that it brings.

~ I enjoy how it is set up for us to meet then take time to integrate the content. I also enjoy that it’s recorded.

~ I love everything about this program.

Feeling drawn but not sure if this program is the right fit for you?

~ Please schedule a call and I would be happy to help you decide, listening for where you are in your journey and suggesting, if not this program, what might be a wise next step for you.