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Selfistry Poland Retreat 2018


June 13, 2018 - 17, 2018


Wytwornia Ciszy
Uniejow, , Poland



Growth and Guidance for a Rejuvenated Life

Join Sarah on this special retreat and begin experiencing the personal power and lasting benefits of living an authentically self-authored life.

Selfistry draws on ancient tradition and new science, psychology and philosophy. It is free of religious dogma, updates spiritual practices, and integrates it all into into one elegant system of self-discovery suited for post-modern times.

With Sarah’s personal attention and wise guidance you will authentically embody and express your best self through a wise heart and clear mind.

  • Spend time with yourself, checking in, getting quiet, listening for what is truly wanting to heal and to express
  • Learn Selfistry’s simple SSL (Sit Down, Shut Up and Listen) meditation practice to explore your internal landscape
  • Learn Selfistry’s unique movement practice that brings mindfulness and movement into a joyful playful exploration of self
  • Learn to lean in to God by any name and restore your faith in Life
  • Learn mindfulness practices that make sense and help release anxiety and stress
  • Enjoy nature and wholesome vegetarian meals
  • Celebrate the opportunity to gather with likeminded people, share stories, support one another, and go back to your life renewed and inspired

During five days together, Sarah will help you get started on the adventure of a lifetime, exploring the territory of your Self, the Selfistry way. You’ll learn a tried and true method to access and integrate the three realms of human experience in ways that enhance your life and make a lasting, positive impact on the world around you.

Whether you’re a newbie or a guru in your own right, if you’re ready to detach from day-to-day drama for a week and explore the landscape of your life like never before, this retreat is for you!