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Let’s Talk About Sex. Shall We?

Navigating Self-Awareness and Sexual Empowerment


April 19 & 20, 2024
10 am – 1 pm





“We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect Love.”
Tom Robbins


In this transformative workshop, participants will embark on a profound journey of self-exploration and sexual empowerment through the lens of Selfistry. Selfistry is an integrative approach to personal development that integrates self-awareness, mindfulness, and connection to Source. By delving into the depths of the self, participants will gain insights and tools to cultivate a healthy relationship with their sexuality and enhance their attunement to the river of Life.


Workshop Agenda:

  1. Introduction to Selfistry: You will be introduced to the principles of Selfistry, and the importance of self-awareness, authenticity, and intuition as you journey towards sexual freedom and relational empowerment.
  2. Intentional Flow: Navigating the Five Gateways of Sexual Energy: You will delve into the notion that intention shapes the flow of sexual energy. Through an expansive exploration of sexuality, attendees will gain insight into five key gateways through which intention guides this energy. By broadening their perspective, participants will cultivate a comprehensive understanding of the intricate landscape of sexuality.
  3. Exploring Your Sexual Selves: Through guided exercises and reflection, participants will unpack their personal beliefs, values, and experiences surrounding sexuality. By understanding their unique sexual narrative, participants can begin to reclaim agency and ownership over their sexual identity.
  4. Aligning Spirituality and Sexuality: Our spiritual beliefs shape every aspect of our lives, including our sexual experiences. Participants will explore how their spiritual orientation or worldview influences their choices and behaviors surrounding sex. Through reflective exercises, individuals will examine how their sexual lives reflect their innermost beliefs and values, and identify areas where they may want to realign their actions to better align with their core beliefs.
  5. Communication and Boundaries: Effective communication and boundary-setting are essential components of healthy sexual relationships. Participants will learn practical tools and techniques for assertive communication, consent negotiation, and boundary maintenance.
  6. Integration and Empowerment: The workshop will conclude with a reflection and integration session, allowing participants to synthesize their learnings and set intentions for applying newfound insights and tools in their lives. Participants will leave feeling empowered, inspired, and equipped with practical strategies for embracing their sexuality and living authentically.




Workshop Facilitators:

Experienced facilitators trained in Selfistry, somatic practices, and sexual health will guide participants through the workshop, creating a safe and supportive space for exploration and growth. Primary teacher is Sarah MArshank, founder of Selfistry. Guest teachers are Shana James and Zoë Kors. Shana is the author of Honest Sex: A Passionate Path to Deepen Connection and keep Relationships Alive. Zoë is the author of Radical Intimacy: Cultivate the Deeply Connected Relationships you Desire and Deserve.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is open to individuals of all genders, sexual orientations, and relationship configurations who are seeking to deepen their understanding of themselves and their sexuality in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Workshop Schedule: Friday April 19 & Saturday April 20

  • 10 - 12 Teaching and Practice
  • 12 - 1Guest Speaker