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Time and Space for Your Self

Bay Area Selfistry - Spring 2019


April 6 - June 1


Private Event Space
Oakland, California 



Ready to Make Time for You?

Join a small group of dedicated women for a three month journey. In our time together you’ll be given the opportunity to enter sacred space for your personal and spiritual development – on your terms and your way.

Who is this journey for?

Women or those identifying as women who:

Have fulfilling lives already and are simply needing a general checkup or  tweak –  or maybe there’s a specific question or direction that is longing for some focused attention.

Are psychologically stable, have done some inner work and are not looking for a guru or a therapist.

Want a container in which they can safely let go — without worrying about anybody else in the world but themselves.

Seeking a local experience that can fulfill their needs effectively and efficiently.

Are as passionate about their personal development as they are about being a force of impact in the world — because they do not view them as separate.

What will you experience?

We will catch the wave of the spring equinox and ride the expansion of the season to open our field of perception and listen deeply for what we’re needing to hear.  Leaving the noise of our lives behind and quieting our internal dialogue we will tune in. Using the Selfistry framework and Sarah’s guidance you will tap into your body, heart, mind, and spirit to check in with yourself and listen for guidance or meaning from within.

What does the program consist of?

Selfistry: A simple and elegant framework where you can be present to yourself.

 A safe and beautiful space to explore, unwind, unravel, and integrate.

A small circle of peers focused on serving the world from a centered and authentically grounded place.

Guidance and support from Sarah.

Logistics, please.

Saturday gatherings from 10 – 5:30: April 13, May 4, June 1  in a beautiful, private, and comfortable location in Oakland. Everything you need will be provided including organic diet-specific lunches.

Gatherings one evening each month via Zoom. Days and times TBT by group.

Two optional private sessions with Sarah.

A field trip each month TBT.


$2550 or 3 monthly payments of $850

BETA program pricing for Spring of 2019 ONLY:

$1995 or 3 monthly payment of $685


Is this like a yoga or meditation retreat?

No, this is not a spiritual organization focused on a specific path or method. Selfistry is a place where you bring your own experience, practices, wisdom, and questions. You will be held and supported by Selfistry’s unique framework to apply the tools that work for you and integrate them into a wholeness in this moment. Sarah is there to offer a uniquely spacious and open experience while holding space for your process  — offering guidance when wanted.

How do I know if this is right for me?

It’s likely for you if you’re longing for a non-denominational, non-dogmatic, non-theistic approach to your personal and spiritual development. This is not for you if you’re too busy to step back from your life, prioritize time for yourself and take an honest look inside. It’s also not for you if want someone to give you a specific method or tell you what to do.

I’ve been seeking a new place to self explore for awhile now and keep finding teachers and paths that are not quite right. How can I be sure this for me?

Attend our Q and A call on March 11 at 7 Pm Pacific in order to have all of your questions answered. Register here.

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Selfistry has this beautiful capacity to hold me in all the places that I want to grow, that I can rest in or that I am proud of or can learn how to accept about myself. It’s a beautiful mixture of a challenge and a loving container."
Kathy Gates