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A one day workshop with Selfistry founder Sarah Marshank

Are you feeling the chaos and fear in the world more than you’re accessing calm and optimism? Are you wondering how to stay centered in a rapidly changing and volatile world? Are you curious about how to be of service without burning out or neglecting your self and your loved ones?

Selfistry can help.

In this workshop you’ll learn the Selfistry way, a simple and elegant system designed to create the conditions for you to acknowledge beliefs and emotions, express them mindfully, and then tap the core of your being to source what actions are authentic to you in response to this moment in human history.

This workshop is designed to help you feel:

  • clear about who you are and why you’re alive
  • well resourced with powerful tool for managing (not denying or suppressing) your intense emotions and thoughts
  • reconnected to the source of your most profound and effective actions in all areas of your life

Sarah brings a wealth of experience in facilitating through degrees in education and trainings in somatic and psychological systems, but the depth of her knowledge and presence arises from her ten years in spiritual retreat which you can read about in her memoir: Being Selfish: My Journey from Escort to Monk to Grandmother.

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April 28
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Nia Studio
Portland, Oregon, United States

$108 before 4/7/2018