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Sarah is in Berkeley, CA now

March 17

Chacala, Mexico

Nourish Your Self in Paradise

Join Sarah on this special retreat just for women and begin experiencing the personal power and lasting benefits of living an authentically self-authored life.

April 7

Austin, Texas

Time For You: Regroup, Recharge, Realign!

Are you feeling the chaos and fear in the world more than you're accessing calm and optimism? Are you wondering how to stay centered in a rapidly changing and v...

April 28

Portland, Oregon

Time For You: A Day of Radical Self Care

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities in your life, afraid to take time for yourself because everything might fall apart? Are you feeling stress...

April 29

Portland, Oregon

Finding Our Voice, Sharing Our Stories, Uniting Our Spirits

Details coming soon.

May 11

Scotts Valley, California

Maiden, Mother, Creatress

Maiden, Mother, Creatress: Embracing and Healing our Female Lineage A weekend Retreat with Sarah Marshank Heather Ash Amara We are all d...