Selfistry: A Guide to Embodying Timeless Spiritual Wisdom

Studies estimate nearly 25% of the world’s population does not ascribe to any religion and roughly 25% of people in the US consider themselves “spiritual but not religious.” Many of these people are searching for a life of integrity amid an increasingly polarized global landscape filled with religious extremism, political turmoil, and environmental uncertainty. Disillusioned but seeking to contribute to the well-being of the planet, many are finding guidance in emergent integrative systems that develop all aspects of the modern human: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social.

“Selfistry” is one of those systems and this book is a guide to its unique and simple approach. “Selfistry” offers a fresh take on embodying authentic spiritual principles. It is an innovative and integrative framework for self-reflection—an opportunity for the genuinely curious to reconsider their relationship with themselves and the cosmos.

Readers will learn about the nature of the “self” as described in ancient texts as well as modern science. They will come to understand what it means to observe oneself and engage in mindfulness in daily life, as well as how to address their assumptions about the fundamental nature of existence. Orienting readers to these concepts through self-reflection allows for clarity and insight to come forth. With this embodied knowing, the path to a spiritual but not religious life emerges on its own.

“When I was growing up — in the sixties and seventies — how to access inner peace wasn’t taught in school or discussed in my home. What constituted a good life was not mentioned beyond the subtle — and not so subtle — suggestions that an enviable life depended upon external matters such as physical appearance, social status, and financial success. “


“Whether you are new to the territory of self-exploration or are a lifelong seeker, the approach presented here does not ask you to change anything about yourself. Instead, it offers a framework within which to see yourself afresh and presents a way to orient your self-knowledge towards living a life that will best serve the world in these uncertain times.”


“With nearly eight billion people on the planet, natural resources dwindling, wealth disparity snowballing, racial injustices escalating, and climate change threatening us with extinction … a collective reboot is probably a good idea.”