“My experience with Selfistry brought out an entirely new piece of my internal system that I hadn’t been able to get close to up until now. I learned a lot about my body and how moving it can make a big difference emotionally, especially where I’m holding onto things I need to shake loose of.  “

Carrie Schwartz, MA, LPC, Trauma Specialist

“Training with Sarah and exploring the practice of Selfistry has brought me new inspiration and insight. Meditation feels more dynamic. Movement feels more centered and grounded. I feel like I'm ultimately becoming more myself: embodied, human, and sacred...just as I am.”

Jed Fox, Integral Coach

“I would recommend Selfistry to anyone who is looking to explore themselves in a safe environment with a beautiful and kind teacher. ”

Skyla Grayce, Writer, Creator, Dancer

“I love Sarah’s style of teaching, she invites people rather than give people lessons. When she’s working with a group there are times she holds back to wait to see what wants to come forward. Sarah holds such a magnificent, safe and supportive place.”

Kathryn Thomas, Nia Instructor

“Selfistry gave me really amazing, simple tools to take new energy into my life, my family, my children, my work, and the world. I feel more self composed, more authentic, more myself.”

Margaret Zukowska, Business Coach ~ Solopreneur

“Sarah has an unparalleled capacity to include the many layers of the human experience – cognitive, somatic, emotional, and spiritual – allowing for deep, heartfelt integration.”

Alyssa Morin, Founder of This Erotic Life

“Sarah is a friend, mentor, leader, savvy businesswoman, and a spiritual guide. She has given me tools to become a more authentic person and business leader. Sarah has created a comprehensive framework that combines a scientific and mystical approach which I can apply to my personal life and my work. Selfistry has given me a foundation on which I can overcome any challenge with faith, courage, and integrity”

Burton Anderson MBA, Senior Project Manager and Scrum Master

“I hired Sarah as a mentor when I was deciding to make a very big change in my life. She coached me in a way that allowed me to find clarity without letting our friendship influence my thought processes or decisions. With Sarah's help I was able to see clearly my next steps and the importance of honoring where I've been. Her clarity and appreciation of one's own process makes her a wonderful mentor to work with. ”

Gina Bonaminio, U.S. Forest Service

“I experience Selfistry as a gentle unwinding of my nervous system so that a deep relaxing can take place and I can really know I'm OK. I am able to get curious and look at my beliefs and habitual patterns with new spaciousness. I can feel my anxiety drop away and my wisdom and knowing come forward.”

Erin McConnell, Fiber Artist and Solopreneur

“I found a way to sit down and find this energy which nurtures me from where I can draw love, compassion, everything I need. This is not something you can read in a book or something you can get online.”

Lena Majewska, Founder of Coolawoola

03/16/19 - 03/23/19

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Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico

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