Jed Fox, Integral Coach
“Training with Sarah and exploring the practice of Selfistry has brought me new inspiration and insight. Meditation feels more dynamic. Movement feels more centered and grounded. I feel like I’m ultimately becoming more myself: embodied, human, and sacred…just as I am.”

Jed Fox,
Integral Coach

“Normally, the idea of working with someone who was a monk for ten years would feel intimidating, but Sarah is totally approachable while also being at a level of spiritual awareness beyond what many of us can grasp — deeply spiritual yet completely grounded. Her approach makes me feel that I can access my own connection with God, or whatever people call it.”

Cindy Pierce, Educator

“A lot of traditions and teachings want to fix me. Sarah likes me just as I am.”

Naomi Cohen Benator

Kathryn Thomas
“I love Sarah’s style of teaching, she invites people rather than give people lessons. When she’s working with a group there are times she holds back to wait to see what wants to come forward, holding such a magnificent, safe and supportive place.”

Kathryn Thomas,
Nia Instructor

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Margaret Zukowska
“Selfistry gave me really amazing, simple tools to take new energy into my life, my family, my children, my work, and the world. I feel more self composed, more authentic, more myself.”

Margaret Zukowska,
Business Coach ~ Solopreneur

Alyssa Morin
“Sarah has an unparalleled capacity to include the many layers of the human experience – cognitive, somatic, emotional, and spiritual – allowing for deep, heartfelt integration.”

Alyssa Morin,
Founder of This Erotic Life

Gina Bonaminio
“I hired Sarah as a mentor when I was deciding to make a very big change in my life. She coached me in a way that allowed me to find my own clarity. With Sarah’s help I was able to see clearly my next steps and the importance of honoring where I’ve been. Her clarity and appreciation of one’s own process makes her a wonderful mentor to work with.”

Gina Bonaminio,
U.S. Forest Service

Anita Fewings

Anita Fewings, Agronomist

“Working one on one with Sarah has been such an incredible journey. Sarah does not offer a quick pill, there is no magic formula, and that is why your work with her will be so worth it. She has supported me in navigating real life – real relationships and real challenges that I face. Sarah holds no judgement, she will seek clarity when needed, while being full of understanding. Sarah holds such incredible space for whatever emotions that I need to allow to surface. She is a loving witness to my process, while providing grounded guidance, I feel so supported and loved. Sarah has encouraged me to set healthy boundaries and is teaching me how to maintain them in a way that honours my whole self, as well as those around me. Sarah is patient, kind, funny and one of my greatest sources of strength — and she is teaching me how to find all of these things in myself, how to feel into my soul and allow my true self to emerge.”

“I experience Selfistry as a gentle unwinding of my nervous system so that a deep relaxing can take place and I can really know I’m OK. Then, I am able to get curious and look at my beliefs and habitual patterns with new spaciousness. I can feel my anxiety drop away and my wisdom and knowing come forward.”

Erin McConnell,
Fiber Artist and Solopreneur

“In Selfistry I found a way to sit down and get quiet, to find the energy which nurtures me and from where I can draw love, compassion, and everything I need.”

Lena Majewska,
Founder of Coolawoola

Self + Artistry = Selfistry